Lorde Reflects On The ‘Painful’ Response To Her ‘Solar Power’ Era

One year on from the announcement of her third album, Solar Power, Lorde has reflected upon the era, referring to it as equally “confounding” and “painful”.

In a new email sent to fans, the New Zealand-born singer took a retrospective view on her most record record, which arrived in August of 2021 to critical success, yet somewhat mixed reviews when compared to her first two albums.

“I can honestly say [this] has been the year with the highest highs and the lowest lows I think I’ve ever experienced,” Lorde wrote to fans. “It took people a while to get the album – I still get emails every day from people who are just coming around to it now! – and that response was really confounding and at times painful to sit with at first.

“I learnt a ton about myself and how I’m perceived by making and releasing this album, and I feel significantly more connected and alive in my art practice and life than pretty much ever before. Sounds dry but true!!!”

Somewhat ironically, Lorde has previously spoken to The New York Times around the album’s release, explaining that she would welcome a response that indicated the record had to grow on its listeners.

“I would almost value people not understanding it at first,” she had explained. “I think I’m still giving something that’s really digestible, but it’s my pleasure to confound. I’m down to be that for people.”

Elsewhere in her email, Lorde also explained that while the record might have been somewhat polarising at first listen, she’s grateful for the impact it’s had on her life, noting that it’s allowed her to experience extensive personal growth.

“I’ve been able to work through some big personal stuff that was making it pretty difficult for me to do stuff like travel or play shows without getting completely overwhelmed,” she explained.

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