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“Matteo Guidicelli on Sarah Geronimo: ‘If I could go back, she would’ve been my first girlfriend’”

Matteo Guidicelli on Sarah Geronimo: ‘If I could go back, she would’ve been my first girlfriend’

Matteo Guidicelli shares details about his relationship with Sarah Geronimo.

On Tonight with Boy Abunda, Matteo Guidicelli revealed how girlfriend Sarah Geronimo has influenced him. “No doubt Sarah is a big influence to my music, to whatever I do. She puts blood inside it, she pumps the blood faster kumbaga. She’s a big inspiration.”

One of Matteo’s songs is entitled “Wag ka nang umuwi.” Asked whom he is saying “wag ka nang umuwi” to, Matteo smiled and said, “Alam mo na yan.” Then he elaborated, “If you have someone in your life, and you’re just with that person you love and it’s time to go home, but you don’t want to go home and you want to spend that extra 10 minutes with her.”

In an interview, Matteo was quoted to have said that women are hard to understand but at the end of the day, men can’t live without them. Asked if this applies to Sarah as a woman and as an artist, Matteo said, “Yes I guess… but at the end of the day you just have to listen extra carefully.” 

Matteo also shared that Sarah is also the listener in their relationship. “She’s honestly the listener and I have to learn from her. Sarah teaches me to appreciate the basic, the little simple things that sometimes we forget to appreciate because we take it for granted na.” 

Referring to a previous interview he had with the host Boy Abunda, Matteo said that if he were to use a time machine, he would prefer to travel backward. “Because today I would have gone through all my relationships, with this relationship, and live and learned so much, and if I could go back, she would’ve been my first girlfriend.”

But even having said that, Matteo admitted he doesn’t regret anything he has gone through. Asked if Sarah and he have fights, Matteo said, “We quarrel sometimes here and there, basically my fault.”  Asked “who screams at who,” Matteo admitted having a temper. “I’m Italian e.”