“Mo Twister hits Robin Padilla over statement on Pemberton pardon”


Mo Twister called out Robin Padilla for his statement on the grant of absolute pardon to Joseph Scott Pemberton.

TV host and DJ Mo Twister called out action star Robin Padilla for his statement on the grant of absolute pardon to Joseph Scott Pemberton, a US Marine convicted of killing Filipino transgender Jennifer Laude in 2014.

In an Instagram post over the weekend, Robin said he agrees with President Rodrigo Duterte’s decision to pardon Pemberton, saying it “was the most compassionate decision not only for the Americans but for us [Filipinos] as well.”

“One way or the other we will soon need them and this pardon strengthens that bond of friendship between us as people. Ang panahon ng pandemya ay oras ng pakikipagbuklod kay big brother. Isulat na lamang natin ito sa talaan ng mga atraso ng Amerikano sa atin mula sa massacre sa probinsya ng Samar hanggang sa massacre of Bud Bagsak sa Jolo na walang mga nakulong na Amerikanong sundalo,” said Robin.

On Twitter, Mo reacted to his statement, saying he loves how Robin, “in a matter of a few decades, has regressed from Bad Boy to Dumb Ass.”

He also agreed with a netizen who called Robin a “dumbass” and said that his “bad boy persona is just his toxic machismo/masculinity.”

“Took us a while to get over it lol,” added the netizen.

On Sunday morning, September 13, Pemberton, 25, was deported to the U.S. after spending just 6 years in prison for the slay of Laude.

Duterte granted the US Marine executive clemency on September 7, saying the country “did not treat [Pemberton] fairly” when one considers the “presumption” of his “good character.”

His decision, which came amid public outcry over an Olongapo City court order for Pemberton’s release before his prison term of six to 10 years for homicide, was met with heavy criticism, with members of the LGBTQ community and the camp of Laude saying Duterte had bargained the Filipinos’ sovereignty to the US.

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