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“Morissette astounds after singing in Korean at the Asia Song Festival 2018”

Morissette also performed an original OPM song collaboration with KZ Tandingan at the South Korean music festival.

Having slowed things a bit last month following her doctor’s advice to take a break from “strenuous vocal activity,” Morissette rose from the ashes and soared high during her recent appearance at the Asia Song Festival 2018. 

Opening her performance at the Asia Song Festival with a collaboration with KZ Tandingan titled “Throwback,” Morissette owned the stage, stunned the audience, and brought the house down after performing an emotional rendition of “Resignation” by South Korean vocal group Big Mama member Lee Young-Hyeon before thousands at the Busan Asiad Main Stadium.

Before proceeding with her second song, Morissette explained why, of all Korean ballads, she specifically chose “Resignation” as one of the songs that she decided to sing during the show.

“I’ve wanted to challenge myself and do something I’ve really never done before. When I first heard this song, it really brought me to tears. A Korean friend suggested this song to me, but he’s based in my country – and I decided to put my own twist to this song. This is originally by the powerhouse Lee Young-Hyeon and I hope you like my rendition of this song,” she said. 

Watch the video below:

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Morissette, who performed at the Asia Song Festival for the second time in a row, was the only non-Korean who joined the annual pop music Festival this year.