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Must-see — and little known — art highlights along Grand Avenue

Getting around the Broad is half the fun. The futuristic ride up the 105-foot-long lobby escalator deposits visitors into the belly of the building on the third floor (some have likened the escalator to a birth canal). Takashi Murakami’s psychedelic-looking mural, “In the Land of the Dead, Stepping on the Tail of a Rainbow,” and El Anatsui’s Kimona-like “Red Block,” made of flattened bottle caps and copper wire, are standouts of the collection and have long greeted visitors at the top of the escalator, in the central, third floor exhibition space. The works are currently on loan, but the space still houses must-see art, including Mark Bradford’s 34-foot work of social abstraction, “Helter Skelter I,” about cult leader Charles Manson’s ’60s-era obsession to start a race war and newly acquired pieces by Julie Mehretu, including her energetic if chaotic “Congress,” incorporating a vortex of swirling, national flag-like imagery.