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Overrated/Underrated: ‘Alias Grace’ is essential, and is anyone still shocked by Marilyn Manson?


‘Alias Grace’: Adapted from a work by novelist Margaret Atwood, this patiently drawn Netflix miniseries also holds a prism up to current times, but unlike “The Handmaid’s Tale,” maybe doesn’t force the viewer into a fetal position of despair for the future. Written by Sarah Polley, whose touch maintains a pace and eye for detail seen in her independent films, “Alias Grace” acts as a sort of historical bookend to Hulu’s Emmy winner, with a haunting, subtle performance from Sarah Gadon as a house servant accused of a double murder in 19th century Canada.

Björn Meyer’s ‘Provenance’: Playing like an atmospheric exploration of the reach of an electric guitar, this solo release from a longtime member of Nik Bärtsch’s jazz-rock ensemble Ronin instead testifies to broad capabilities of its sibling the bass. Using a six-string instrument and a bank of electronics, this Swedish-born artist is just as adept conjuring a latticework of notes and echo on the album’s title track, or a rattling sort of funk on “Squizzle” that recalls the more driving ventures by more stripped-down guitarists such as Leo Kottke.

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