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“Why is Julia Barretto thankful to Liza Soberano?”


Julia Barretto expressed her gratitude to Liza Soberano whom she said has always been supportive of her.

Julia, alongside her onscreen partner Joshua Garcia, bagged the "Movie Loveteam of the Year" at this year's PMPC. Liza, being the supportive friend that she is, told Julia on Instagram, "Proud of you." 

Julia replied to Liza, "You have always been supportive. Thank you for being that kind of friend."

See their conversation below:


Screenshot by Fashion Pulis from @juliabarretto’s Instagram

“OMG! Kisses Delavin, may mensahe sa mga nagsasabing ‘I love you’ pero di pala true”


Kisses Delavin took to Twitter to express her frustration over some people who say “I love you” but don't really mean it.

The young star tweeted, "Why is it that some people say I love you’s so easily? I wish people won't say it unless they mean it. Let's not waste other people's time. Set them free."

She urged those people not to say it if it is not true because it could cause pain. "Don't say I love you, if heartache is the only thing you want to give them."

See her tweet below:

“Nathalie Hart makes several revelations during Fast Talk”


On Tonight with Boy Abunda, Sin Island star Nathalie Hart was not shy about answering bold questions in the segment Fast Talk. 

Asked, “Bahagi ng katawan mong ayaw mong ipakita sa camera.” Natalie answered, “Lahat gusto ko ipakita.” To the question “Nangaliwa ka na ba,” Nathalie admitted, “Oo.”
Has she ever been sexually attracted to another woman? Nathalie answered, “yes.” And was she ever in a relationship with another woman? Nathalie said, “I kissed a girl.” 

Nathalie also revealed that the “sexiest piece of clothing” she owns is “Santa Claus lingerie”, while the sexiest part of her body for her are her lips.

Asked to choose between “good sex and good conversation,” Nathalie said, “both.” Asked to choose between “sex or chocolates,” Nathalie chose, “both.”

She also chose “lights on over lights off and the best time for sex for Nathalie is “every time.” Nathalie also believes that “size matters.”