“Park Seo-joon shares thoughts on why K-Dramas are popular”


Park Seo-joon shared his two cents on why he thinks K-Dramas are very popular in different regions of the world.

Why are K-Dramas such a hit in different parts of the world?

For Park Seo-joon, he thinks it is the relatable human emotions that makes Korean series click among different audiences.

“I’m no analyst so I’m not sure. But if I were to venture a guess, I’d think that anyone in the world can relate to the human emotions and feelings of the situations that arise in these K-Dramas,” he said in an interview with Sam Oh for Smart K-Life.

He added, “I also think the actors and crew of K-dramas have improved a great deal which leads to better programs.”

Seo-joon remarked that he was very surprised upon knowing the massive popularity of K-Drama in the Philippines.

“It was surprising because I don’t take on a project expecting popularity and love. I’m also fascinated because our languages are different. I don’t really feel it until now, it still doesn’t feel real. It’s also amusing but most of all, I’m very grateful,” the actor said. 

In the same interview, Seo-joon was asked for tips when it comes to style and fashion. 

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The Korean actor advised, “I think it’s best to know your body type and dress the way you like. If you can dress to reflect your interests, I think that’s good too.”

Seo-joon rose to popularity with his hit drama Itaewon Class, Fight For My Way, and What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim, among others.

He visited the Philippines in 2019 for a fanmeet.

He documented his trip to Manila in his YouTube vlog. 

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