Paul Kelly Releases ‘Drinking’ Compilation, Including New Version Of ‘To Her Door’

Paul Kelly has released the latest entry in an ongoing series of retrospective compilations, with Drinking collecting a number of songs focused around the titular concept. The 18-track collection follows on from the release of Time and Rivers And Rain from May and July, respectively.

Featuring tracks lifted from his myriad records released throughout his career, Drinking also boasts two new recordings. One is a rendition of ‘To Her Door’ from his performance at Sydney’s VIVID Festival this year, while the other is ‘One More Tune’, a new track which balances both “the creative and destructive sides of drinking” via the description of party’s aftermath.

Paul Kelly – ‘To Her Door’ (Live)

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“I’m a drinker. For me it is one of the great pleasures of life,” Kelly said in a statement. “A glass of wine or two with dinner, the first beer after hard physical work or sport, a dark ale and a whisky on a cold night.

“The beaded bubbles winking at the brim of the glass on the surf club balcony looking out over the sea. A little buzz on. The camaraderie of family and friends. Farewells and welcomes and ceremonies.”

Alongside his newer recordings, Drinking goes all the way back to Kelly’s first solo record by way of ‘Little Decisions’ from 1985’s Post. Elsewhere, the record also features a handful of live recordings, ranging from the aforementioned ‘To Her Door’, which appears alongside versions of both ‘King Of Fools’ and the fan-favourite ‘Every Fucking City’.

Kelly’s Drinking compilation also arrives just days after the announcement of his annual Making Gravy concert. This year will see Kelly joined by Amyl & The Sniffers, The Beths, and Alex The Astronaut at Melbourne’s Sidney Myer Music Bowl on 9th December, with full details available below.

Paul Kelly – Drinking

  1. One More Tune
  2. Stories Of Me
  3. Nothing On My Mind
  4. Forty Miles To Saturday Night
  5. No You
  6. Gonna Be Good
  7. Little Decisions 
  8. Parting Glass
  9. King Of Fools
  10. Crying Shame
  11. To Her Door (Live)
  12. Sweet Guy
  13. Tease Me
  14. Blue Stranger
  15. Don’t Stand So Close To The Window
  16. I Don’t Remember A Thing
  17. Seagulls Of Seattle
  18. Every Fucking City

Paul Kelly ‘Making Gravy’ 2022

  • Paul Kelly + Special Guests
  • Amyl And The Sniffers
  • The Beths
  • Alex The Astronaut

Date & Venue

  • Friday, 9th December – Sidney Myer Music Bowl, Melbourne

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