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“Paulo Avelino encourages people to give compliments: ‘To help them with their self-esteem’”

Paulo Avelino reveals which compliment made the biggest impact on him recently.

After recently revealing on social media that he had battled depression a few years ago, Paulo Avelino said he was happy to be part of a social experiment which involved compliments. “In my experience, it’s really hard because you don’t know how to react. If you say thank you then it might sound mayabang. Like if they say, ‘Ang guwapo mo ngayon, and you say, ‘Thank you ha’ or ‘Ang galing mo dun sa…’ and you reply ‘Alam ko bro.’ It’s really hard. I think it’s also in the tone of your voice when you answer and that you don’t say it in a boastful manner. But more than the compliments, it’s about saying something good or giving something beautiful about the person because you never know if the person’s experiencing something or anything nice that you could say would make a huge impact not just on the day itself but in their life. It will not just help them with their self-esteem but it will also brighten up their day or even their whole world,” he shared during the Mentos Complimentos event.

Paulo admits he is happy to receive compliments related to his work. “As you all know I gained weight for several months for a series of projects I did. But when I start to actually losing weight and people start to notice, parang nakakasaya rin. It makes you happy. It brightens up your day. The best compliments I would say that made an impact on me are when people compliment me because of my roles or projects that I’ve done. I think those were the best compliments because it shows that you’re on the right track with what you’re doing and you’re doing good in what you do,” he admitted.

The talented actor also shared the importance of compliments. “A sincere compliment makikita mo talaga sa binibigyan mo ng compliment or totoo. You can always find something in a person, whether it’s physical or not or whatever it is. But I think it make sa big impact because you never know what those people are going through. Maybe he’s having a rough day, maybe na-stuck sila sa traffic for five hours, nasira ang MRT, ang daming nangyayari dito sa Pilipinas,” he explained.

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