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People Are Calling Out Ariana Grande’s New Single “7 Rings” – Here’s Why

Ariana Grande dropped her latest single, “7 Rings,” on Jan. 18 and, to the shock of no one, the song was an instant hit. Fans couldn’t help but love the samples of “My Favorite Things” from The Sound of Music, the secret touches sprinkled throughout, and the nod to Grande’s whole aesthetic: lots of pink, badass women, and a whole lot of sexiness. It also helps that the inspiration behind “7 Rings” is about female empowerment and a personal moment of comfort for Grande after her split from ex-fiancé Pete Davidson back in October 2018.

However, as fans began their fourth or fifth replay of the single, some noticed that it sounded similar to songs from other artists, and were quick to point out the glaring similarities online. One of the two tracks that have garnered the most references is Soulja Boy’s “Pretty Boy Swag,” which came out in 2010. Demetria Obilor, a news anchor for ABC Dallas, jokingly called it out during the morning news — also referencing Soulja Boy’s claims that Drake stole his lyrics. The second track was called out by the artist herself: Princess Nokia tweeted out a video of herself listening to “7 Rings” and compared it to her song “Mine” from her 2016 mixtape, 1992. “Ain’t that the lil’ song I made about brown women and their hair,” she asked. “Hmmm . . . sounds about white.”

Grande hasn’t commented on the comparisons, and Soulja Boy hasn’t offered up an opinion on the matter, either. You can listen to all three songs ahead and draw your own conclusions!