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Pressing issues and peachy scenes: Gary Oldman, Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal and others talk inside Hollywood

Franco: So, he learned that the only way he was ever going to get anywhere is if he did it himself. So, his one stipulation was that to get his life rights, he had to have a scene in the movie. But he didn’t read the contract, and it said we only had to shoot it. We didn’t have to keep it in. But look, to my credit, we were trying to do a scene where we could actually keep it, but he kept insisting that it be opposite me. [Wiseau accent] “No, it has to be with James. Has to be with James, dude. With James.” So we shot this scene but we designed it so that it could easily be cut out, because it’s like Tommy versus Tommy [on screen]. And then we realized we could just do, like, a Marvel tag at the end, and it would be perfect.