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Review: In ‘The Little Foxes,’ all’s fair in love and post-Civil War Alabama

Regina is unhappily married to an unhealthy banker, Horace (John DeMita), who doesn’t appear until late in the play, leaving her a good long time to scheme for profit with her brothers, Ben and Oscar Hubbard (Mike McShane and Rob Nagle). Since the war, the Hubbards have made enough money — unethically — to act like aristocrats, but as McShane and Nagle vibrantly convey, they’re thugs. McShane plays Ben as a cordial, chuckling good old boy, with a smile that doesn’t quite cover the ice in his heart. Nagle’s Oscar is both crueler than Ben and worse at hiding it. Judging by the ham-handed con jobs he works up with his silly, spoiled son, Leo — wonderfully played by Calvin Picou — he’s also not nearly as smart.