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Review: Kathryn Hahn and Paul Giamatti’s couple struggles with fertility woes in the sharp, superbly acted ‘Private Life’

The challenge of preparing for another IVF procedure, now as a trio rather than a duo, brings Rachel, Richard and their niece together as little else could — before long, Sadie is getting those hormone injections too — even as it throws their generation gap into startling relief. The impulsiveness with which Sadie agrees to give her loved ones “the gift of life,” as she notes with heartwarming sincerity, turns out to be a mixed blessing. Giving her aunt and uncle an early taste of parenthood, Sadie can be both thoughtful and thoughtless, hard-working and irresponsible, and prone to saying the first thing that pops into her head — as she does, disastrously, at a Thanksgiving dinner where everything is yanked out into the open.