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Review: New shows from Adam Savage, Gordon Ramsay and the Cousteaus make expertise sexy again

Cooking shows, too, run on a narrative of learning, process and accomplishment. Gordon Ramsay, who is both an accomplished chef and plays one on television, has an entertaining, informative new series, “Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted,” premiering in July on National Geographic Channel. The show seems crafted in part to occupy a space left by the death of Anthony Bourdain — the title of Ramsay’s new series even recalls Bourdain’s last, “Parts Unknown.” Like “Legends of the Deep,” it has an adventure-story arc, as Ramsay ventures into cultures outside his steak-and-kidney Anglo-American comfort zone — high-altitude Peru and Maori New Zealand, in the episodes I’ve seen — “ditching the chef whites and getting hands-on.” (It is the rare chance to see the strenuously coiffed cook literally with his hair down.)