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Review: Sam Rockwell and Michelle Williams don’t miss a step in ‘Fosse/Verdon’

As far as dancing, the production is arranged so that neither Rockwell nor Williams will have to do anything spectacular — a brilliantly rendered scene in which Verdon, appearing on Broadway in “Can Can,” stops the show and has to be fetched back out of her dressing room as she becomes a star, begins after the dancing is done. Yet they do enough, persuasively embodying the people they’re playing, their body language and lines. More important, they create full characters; Williams, especially, offers a performance full of intelligence and nuance and life — Rockwell has the less likable, which is not to say unlikable, person to play — in a part clearly meant to give Verdon her (somewhat) overlooked due. (“Chicago,” Verdon’s last work with Fosse, was her baby, did you know?)