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Review: Will Jordan Peele’s ‘Weird City’ make you sign up for YouTube Premium? Maybe

Having seen the alpha and omega of the series, I’m eager to see the gamma, delta, epsilon and phi, or whichever intermediate Greek letters you want to represent those four other episodes. (The announced cast includes Mark Hamill, Michael Cera, Sara Gilbert, Hannah Simone, Steven Yeun and Gillian Jacobs.) Even when “Weird City” runs over old sci-fi ground, which science fiction does all the time, it is does so trippingly, at a skip. Exuberant and even sunny, it’s tricked up with productive details and design, with small verbal and visual jokes you can’t call throwaway because all are there to build a world — a world, of course, that looks a lot like ours. To paraphrase “Pogo,” we have met dystopia, and it is us.