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Reviews: ‘Costume Quest,’ ‘Victor and Valentino,’ ‘Lazor Wulf,’ smart cartoons for young and/or old

Created by Diego Molano, who has worked on “The Powerpuff Girls” (the revival version) and “OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes,” Cartoon Network’s “Victor and Valentino” is a supernatural action comedy set in the painted equivalent of Mexican sunshine. It focuses on half-brothers Valentino (Sean-Ryan Petersen), who is large and mostly responsible, and Vic (Molano), who is small, and not very responsible at all, staying with their grandmother Chata (Laura Patalano) in the town of Monte Macabre. (Chata is blind, but super-sensitive; she goes by her “abuela sense.”) As often happens where monsters are involved, it’s the human kids who bring on the trouble, unleashing the chaos they will spend the back half of the episode trying to contain — freeing the trickster Coyote from the folkloric figure that imprisons him, unleashing a giant plant monster, becoming a vessel for a dead soccer star who has no intention of leaving.

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