Robert De Niro plays an oddly convincing Madoff in HBO’s ‘Wizard of Lies’

The $65-billion Ponzi scheme run by Wall Street luminary Bernie Madoff claimed many victims.

Widows, in-laws and even Holocaust survivors were bilked out of their life savings in one of the largest financial frauds in U.S. history.

When Madoff was thrown in prison in 2009, the media and public wanted reparations, if not blood, looking to his family for restitution.

But if you’re to believe HBO’s drama “The Wizard of Lies,” which premieres Saturday, Madoff’s sons and wife were also victims of his deception — and paid dearly for his sins (The film is TV’s second Madoff-centered project. ABC in February 2016 aired the original movie “Madoff,” starring Richard Dreyfuss.)

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