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“Roxanne Barcelo on dealing with quarter life crisis: ‘Last year was kind of rough for me’”

Roxanne Barcelo talks about how she is moving on since her last relationship.

Currently busy working on different projects this year, Roxanne Barcelo admitted that 2018 was a big challenge for her emotionally. “Last year was kind of rough for me because I was going through a really bad breakup. It’s my second year na I’m single but I rediscovered myself, I’m finding so much love for myself and I want to encourage the people around me through what I do and just bring smiles everywhere. Let’s just enjoy and live a good life. I’ve always believed in the mantra of my life which is ‘Celebrate your season,’ and this is my season to enjoy life, to be with my friends and family, and be as present in the now as possible,” she shared during the launch of the Heineken Star Collection.

Roxanne said she does not want to think of herself as going through a quarter life crisis. “For me, it’s more of a quarter life exploration. It’s time to explore again and to discover what is out there for me. I’m single so if you’ll see me out, I just like to go out a lot. I like to meet new people. Wala akong boyfrend so I have so much time for my friends. Lahat ng birthday ng barkada ko pinupuntahan ko this year so ang aabangan nila, I will attend each and every celebration there is, lahat. I’m like the best friend to have this 2019. I’m so present (laughs),” she said.

This year, Roxanne said she wants to get more creative, including making new music and doing more stage work. “I can’t say I’m taking a break but I am breaking out of the usual routine and I’m experiencing other things. I feel like there’s a whole world of entertainment out there. You can entertain Filipinos in different mediums and I found so much joy in doing theater. I would love to just bounce from one medium to the next,” she explained.

For summer, Roxanne chooses to be in complete work mode. “Anything can happen. Medyo nasa point ako na I don’t want to book anything until I know exactly what my schedule is bilang it is campaign season so it’s a really good time to work. I always believe that you got to earn more than you play. So I’ll play when I’ve earned enough. I got to work hard this season,” she added.

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