Scott Frank and Steven Soderbergh bring a shoot-’em-up to Netflix with “Godless’

Screenwriter Scott Frank got an itchy trigger finger nearly two decades ago: he wanted to make a western.

“I feel like no self-respecting screenwriter can get to the end of their careers without having at least tried it,” Frank, 57, who was nominated for an Oscar for Steven Soderbergh’s 1998 film “Out of Sight,” recently explained over a late lunch in the West Village.

The result is “Godless.” Originally planned as a feature, the seven-episode miniseries arrives Wednesday on Netflix after more twists and turns than a rerouted stagecoach. The saga is the first limited series originally commissioned for Netflix and, with its sweeping vistas and deliberate pacing, also represents the latest small-screen effort at the kind of old-fashioned storytelling the major studios have all but abandoned.

Written and directed by Frank and executive produced by Soderbergh and Casey Silver, the widescreen epic is set in the 1880s in La Belle, N.M., a dusty frontier town run by women — not out of some utopian ideal but because a catastrophic mining accident has wiped out nearly the entire male population.

He remembered advice given to him by director Lawrence Kasdan (“Wyatt Earp”) about making westerns: “Everything is going to take longer on the screen than it does on the page by a lot.”

It can also take a while to get there.

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