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Second accuser backs actor Anthony Edwards’ molestation allegation against producer Gary Goddard

After actor Anthony Edwards publicly accused producer Gary Goddard of molesting him as a child four decades ago, a second accuser has come forward to corroborate Edwards’ claim and allege that Goddard also attempted to molest him on multiple occasions.

Edwards, now 55 and whose many film and television credits include 14 years on “ER”, claimed in an essay published on Medium Nov. 10 that Goddard molested him before the age of 14 and raped his best friend, who he did not name.

In his own Medium post Friday, entitled “Anthony Edwards is Telling the Truth,” former actor Bret Douglas Nighman, 56, said that when he was 15 while on a touring theater production directed by Goddard, he was in a nearby bed when the older man molested Edwards.

“I lay in my bed with my heart pounding and listened as one of my best friends who I loved get sexually molested,” Nighman wrote.