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SNL Has a Solution For Dog Owners Who Want to Get It on Without Their Pups Watching

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Has your dog ever ruined the mood when you’re trying to get intimate with a significant other? You’re not alone! Apparently, it’s pretty common for dogs to watch their owners attempt to make love. Thankfully, Saturday Night Live has a solution: the Pound Puppy costume.

During the Feb. 16 episode, SNL showcased a parody commercial about a giant dog suit that’s “big enough for two people to have sex in.” According to the advertisement, you and a partner can climb inside the oversize disguise and “go to town, and your dog will just think there’s a much larger dog in the room.” But beware — the product might work so well, your dog could begin to develop romantic feelings of their own with the massive faux canine. But, hey, at least you and your lover won’t have to deal with a pair of pure eyes watching your every move in bed. See how the Pound Puppy works in the clip above!