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Sophie Turner Poses With Her Former Game of Thrones Fiancé in Front of Joe Jonas: “Awkward”

King Joffrey and Sansa Stark’s love lives on!

OK, not really. But on April 3, former Game of Thrones costars Jack Gleeson and Sophie Turner — who played the two characters, respectively — did reunite at the NYC premiere of the show’s eighth and final season. Although Joffrey and Sansa’s romance ended earlier on in the HBO fantasy series (due to — spoiler — Joffrey’s death, among other things), Jack and Sophie still seem to be pretty close.

At the premiere, the two posed for a picture as Sophie wrapped her arms around her former onscreen fiancé. But her real-life fiancé, Joe Jonas, is also in the snapshot, jokingly looking all sorts of confused. “Awkward,” Sophie captioned the playful photo. Joe also hopped in the comments section, writing, “WTF, I thought this dude was dead… #KingJoffrey.”

Of course Joe has nothing to worry about as he’s the one who really has Sophie’s heart. The two — who have been dating since 2016 — are set to get married this Summer, and the ceremony will reportedly take place in Europe (without any Lannisters in sight).