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 Green Energy Solution in Cambodia by STC

It all started in 2017 when STC International took part in ITRI’s trade promotion delegation and visited the rural village in Cambodia, the aim of the trip was to build solar power system for a local NGO. This NGO regularly invites doctors to the village to provide volunteer medical services. Electronic devices and cooling equipment for medical purpose require basic power supply, but local power supply is very unstable and power outages are frequent.’

After ITRI introduced STC International to the Cambodian NGO, STC International soon put together a comprehensive system including illumination, fans, solar panels, energy storage and cooling devices for this customer. “As soon as the system entered service, the NGO is the only place that is brightly lit after sunset with a few miles around the neighborhood. Local businesses and stores were amazed and came to us for solar system infrastructure. Coffee shops, Chinese-language cram schools and other business operators all become his customers,” said Mr. Polun Chen, General Manager of STC International.

Mr. Chen also said that before STC came, local community used to have a false impression that solar system was expensive and dangerous. With the NGO became a model site, people quickly accepted solar energy with confidence.

Until now, STC’s energy solutions have been adopted in farming irrigation systems, retail and catering, and small factories. Take irrigation for example, diesel generators were widely used by farmers for groundwater mining, which created rumbling noises and air pollution. Also, replenishing diesel fuel was inconvenient. All these problems are solved after solar panel and storage was installed.

Malaysia is another market where STC International has solid gains. Polun Chen indicated that Malaysia is totally different in market environment from Cambodia. In Cambodia, power outages are common and power grids still cannot reach a lot of area. In contrast, Malaysia has sufficient power supply and the electricity cost is low. STC International obviously needs to adopt different strategy in Malaysia. With the help of the ITRI, STC International established relations with Malaysia’s official energy-saving certification agency GreenTech, which has a goal to introduce green energy to the country. Until now, STC International had designed comprehensive energy storage system in Malaysia.

STC International is focusing on small-scale pilot projects. Similar projects are abundant out there for Taiwanese companies to win.

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