The Denver Gazette partners with PressReader, uses their Branded Editions 2.0 product to launch interactive newspaper

VANCOUVER, Sept. 18, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The Denver Gazette and PressReader are excited to announce they have inked a landmark deal to launch a brand new online newspaper, using PressReader’s award-winning Branded Editions 2.0 technology. The Denver Gazette is part of the group that also owns The Colorado Springs Gazette, Colorado Politics, Out There Colorado, the Washington Examiner, as well as the rights to the former Rocky Mountain News.

The Denver Gazette is positioned to serve the news-savvy city of Denver, USA. It will deliver high-quality journalism, providing readers a complete picture of happenings both locally and nationally, all while immersing them in a superior reading experience. The daily interactive newspaper leverages Branded Editions’ premium publishing platform, which provides readers access to interactive content on the web or via their mobile devices. The interactive newspaper, which launched on 14 September, will put out editions seven days a week and offer exciting digital features such as multimedia, article sharing, instant translation in up to 18 languages, and voice narration – all of which will be delivered to the reader’s inbox daily at 5 p.m. MST.

The Denver Gazette is poised to compete at the highest level in Colorado and, more specifically in Denver, with a focus on providing Mile High City residents with city hall and legislative news, suburban and statewide reporting, business, outdoor trends, entertainment, and local editorials. Chris Reen, President & Publisher of The Denver Gazette, said the newspaper “will give you a complete picture of what’s happening locally and nationally, in sports, business and local news. It’s fully interactive, but it will look exactly like your newspaper, just in digital format. Ours will be what we call ‘next generation’ in that there will be a lot more multimedia involved with the product, and it will be easier to use. COVID has accelerated digital adoption and usage — we see that with remote work and learning. Launching a fully digital, interactive, next-generation newspaper at this time is leaning into that technology advancement.”

To deliver the highest quality product, The Denver Gazette and the Branded Editions team worked closely together over the past months to custom build the digital platform, bringing the full potential of the content to life using the latest technologies.   “Partnering with the Denver Gazette made perfect sense. As they set out to produce incredible content for their new audience, we want to ensure that their readers have the highest quality platform to consume it in,” notes Steve Chapman, VP Content Partnerships at PressReader. “Now, when it matters more than ever, we are working closely with our publishing partners to connect them to their readers in the way they want.”

The Denver Gazette is available from the 14 of September 2020. Check it out here!

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