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‘Toy Story 4’ footage dazzles CinemaCon, but Will Smith’s ‘Aladdin’ Genie is less magical

Per producer Jonas Rivera, that’s the plot of “Toy Story 4,” which Disney showcased the first 17 minutes of at CinemaCon on Wednesday. The film begins with a flashback, jumping back in time nine years ago to when the toys are still Andy’s. Some of his toys are being given away, including Little Bo Peep, who last showed up in 1999’s “Toy Story 2.” Woody tries to intervene, sneaking her out of the donation box, but Bo Peep responds she’s no longer Andy’s toy and that “it’s time for the next kid.” She invites Woody to go with her, but just as he’s considering the offer, he hears Andy searching for him and decides to part ways with his love interest.