Uncle Roger Criticizes Pinoy Chicken Adobo of Food Network

Uncle Roger Criticized Food Network for Their Style of Cooking Pinoy Chicken Adobo

UNCLE ROGER – Internet star Nigel Ng criticizes the Pinoy chicken adobo recipe of an American channel “Food Network.”

Uncle Roger, a Malaysian stand-up comedian renowned for his popular Asian food reviews that are accompanied by his humorous performances, criticized several elements in what he called a sloppy Pinoy chicken adobo dish on the American channel “Food Network.”

Uncle Roger Chicken Adobo

In addition, Uncle Roger’s comments on foreigners attempting to prepare Asian cuisine went viral. For this reason, Uncle Roger sought out some advice from the American program, such as the obvious use of low sodium soy sauce as the adobo’s marinating liquid.

“Why? Low sodium soy sauce is sow sauce with less flavor,” the online personality immediately remarked in his video. It can also be seen the additional ingredients like vinegar, sugar, and pepper to the marinating bag.

Uncle Roger lashes a chile pepper that was either a Cuban kind or a foreign habanero that was used in the recipe. “What is he putting in there? Habanero don’t even grow in the Philippines. What are you doing, suit nephew?” Uncle Roger’s reaction.

He hoped that the well-known Pinoy dish would include Filipino chili. Uncle Roger brought back the internet celebrity’s signature “haiyaa” emotion by highlighting the expensive frying pan “Le Creuset.”

“Spending money on sauce pan, spending money on expensive suit but ingredient for adobo wrong. Why don’t you spend on Filipino cookbooks instead? Haiyaaa!” he said.

The small amount of garlic with additional salt and pepper was the next thing Uncle Roger observed. He stressed that he either uses 10–20 whole cloves of garlic when making adobo or simply smashes one whole clove and throws it into the pot, saying that in Asian cooking, there is never enough garlic.

Uncle Roger also criticized the chef for using some technical jargon “plain rice” as “rice without spice.” Uncle Roger then hit at the dish’s excessive water content.

The online star’s criticisms was not over after the chef added more parsley to the bowl of rice with Adobo. “Parsley doesn’t belong in Asian food. You’re making pasta!” Uncle Roger stressed.

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