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“VPeepz bag Junior Team Division champion title, moves on to ‘World of Dance’ finals”

The Pinoy dance group earned an average score of 96 and will compete in the finals.

Pinoy dance group VPeepz is making waves in the international arena and is hailed World of Dance season 3 Junior Team Division champion. 

The group, after dancing to “Party People” during the divisional finals, earned an average score of 96.0 and will move on to the finals. 

“There’s a level of synchronicity that you guys have that I could say very few other people in this competition that can even come close. It is that good,” Neyo told the Pinoy dance team.

J.Lo added, “You guys were body slamming and doing all kinds of crazy things up there, but you also broke somebody’s legs. That was my favorite part. The illusion of it was a really great illusion. That really gave you guys a high point in the middle of your routine.” 

Watch their performance below:

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