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WATCH: 40 Barangay Captain allies of Mayor Parojinog surrender themselves to Chief Espinido

Because of the 24 hours ultimatum given by Ozamiz City C/Insp. Jovie Espenido to the sympathizers of the Parojinog family, 40 Barangay Captains of the said city surrendered themselves to the authorities.

According to the interview of RMN to Lam-An Barangay Captain Romeo Raagas, they said that their fear to Espenido made them to surrender themselves and talk to the top cop of Ozamiz.

“More or less 40 kaming barangay captain ang nandito upang hamarap at makipag-usap kay Espenido”, pahayag ni Raagas.

40 out of 50 Barangay Captains of Ozamiz surrendered to Espinido to clear their names to the police chief of the said city.

Espenido clarified that the appearance of the Barangay Captains was voluntary and he didn’t forced the Barangay Captains to surrender.

“Lilinawin natin kusa silang sumuko at hindi ko sila pinatawag” sinabi ni Espenido.

Espenido also warned the people who still sympathized the alleged drug lords of Ozamiz.

Last Saturday, the members of Philippine National Police and CIDG led by Chief Espenido conducted the biggest anti-drug raid in the history of Ozamiz City.

Espenido only came back from work after his 90 day suspension was canceled, 8 days before the bloody raid.

15 people were killed during the raid including Mayor Reynaldo “Aldong” Parojinog, his wife Susan and BM Octavio Parojinog.

The authorities also arrested Vice Mayor Nova Parojinog Echavez and other people linked to the illegal drug business of the Parojinog family.

Shabu and heavy firearms were confiscated by the authorities, even the Vice Mayor tried to hide an evidence while the authorities searching their house.