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“WATCH: Helen Gamboa cries while watching the new ShaGab commercial”

We feel all the feels too, Tita Helen.

Veteran actress Helen Gamboa couldn’t help but let her tears flow as she watched the new commercial of Sharon Cuneta and Gabby Concepcion.

Sharon shared a video of her aunt on Instagram on Friday, February 10 as she emotionally watched the one-minute video on a phone.

“Ano ba naman ang TVC na ito?!!! Pati Mama Helen ko napahagulgol. Siempre she was there from the very beginning…” Sharon wrote on the caption.

She even reminisced about the time when she and Gabby first broke up when she was 16. She was then living with Helen.

Sharon reassured her aunt that everything is okay now and that they are both happy.

“Mama, may I remind you when we broke up the first time when I was 16 and lived with you in White Plains for a while he came pala several times and you didn’t let him in and you didn’t tell me! And you kept all his letters! I had no idea! I found out hiwalay na kami at may anak na! Hahahaha! Awwwww Mama ko… itchokey… he is happy na and me ren, so please stop na crying (sic),” Sharon said.

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