“WATCH: Park Seo-joon shares behind-the-scenes shots with Park Bo-Gum from ‘Record of Youth’”

Check out Park Seo-joon’s latest YouTube vlog about his cameo in ‘Record of Youth.’ 

Park Seo-joon documented his shooting day for the K-Drama Record of Youth in his latest YouTube vlog. 

The actor recently portrayed the role of Song Min Su in a cameo for the series.

“I feel very awkward shooting for the drama quite a long time after I finished shooting of Itaewon Class in March,” he admitted in the vlog.

Nonetheless, the actor shared that some staff were the same people he worked with on his previous drama.

“Fortunately the same cinematographer who also worked for the title of Fight for my Way is here too together with some more I know. That makes me a little bit more comfortable in shooting,” he said.

In his vlog, Seo-joon shared the behind-the-scenes of his shoot with Record of Youth lead star Park Bo-Gum. 

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It can be recalled that Bo-gum also made a cameo in Seo-joon’s series Itaewon Class in its last episode. Bo-gum portrayed the role of a chef in his cameo that time. 

The vlog has already gained more than 250K views as of this writing.

Netizens were quick to express their elation over Seo-joon and Bo-gum’s reunion. 

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“Bo Gum having a cameo in Itaewon Class then Seo-joon having a cameo in Record of Youth. Now we want you guys to have a drama together,” a netizen commented. 

Meanwhile, other netizens commended Seo-joon for his humility and professionalism.

“PSJ seems like a nice person to work for and work with. Watching his videos, what I have noticed about him is his humble nature and that he treats his staff with kindness. He was offered a chair, but instead he quickly pointed out to his staff, they too have been working, asked one of them to sit down and then suggested that they should each put a leg on the chair. That was so nice and considerate of him,” one netizen said.

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