WATCH: Raffy Tulfo cries after hearing story of an OFW mother who treated badly by her son

In a rare event, the public saw Raffy Tulfo cried after being heard the story of Edna Dingal who seek help from the radio host to reconcile with her son who badly treated her.

Mrs. Edna works as DH abroad to support her son, Ewu Dingal and she told Raffy that she almost died just to earn money to support her child.

But during the interview, Ewu said that he already decided to leave her mother and only wanted to get his things in his home to start a new life together with his live in partner, after that he dropped the phone call without giving his mother a chance to talk.

Mrs. Edna expressed her sadness that her son didn’t show any love to her and only wanted her financial support.

While the complainant was narrated more stories about her sacrifices, Raffy Tulfo didn’t stopped himself to became emotional and he leave the anchors booth to cry.


Hindi kinaya ang panawagan ng isang nagmamakaawang ina sa kanyang ingrato at…

Posted by Raffy Tulfo in Action on Friday, May 19, 2017

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