Watch Sally and Erica Get Inducted To Triple J Breakfast By A ‘Secret Society’

Written by Laura English on January 3, 2020

Sally and Erica are taking the triple j Breakfast reigns this year. To give them a proper initiation into the role, triple j rounded up past and present hosts and beloved triple j artists.

Ben and Liam revealed at the end of last year that they’d be leaving triple j. The pair took on another role with Nova in Adelaide. While Lucy Smith took over for Ben & Liam on the breakfast show for the remainder of last year, she’ll now be taking over Mornings for Linda Marigliano.

The video sees triple j all-stars introduce Sally and Erica to all of the station’s tropes. It really begins with Linda Marigliano dropping some hot tips on how to connect, before Tom Tilley jumps in, calling it a fascinating point. Bridget Hustwaite then interjects saying, “sorry mate, just gonna have to cut you off there.”

Ocean Alley tells Sally and Erica that it’s actually all about ‘confidence’. Then Alex Dyson tells them of the two phrases a good Breakfast host should know. Dyson drops, “We love music”. Along with, “Due to scheduling conflicts, the US rapper has been forced to postpone his performance. They will be replaced by the Hilltop Hoods.”

Gen Fricker makes the pair vow to, “say every week that this is the best Like a Version you’ve ever heard and that it put an incredible new spin on an absolute classic.”

Matt O’Kine, Ben & Liam, Kevin Parker, and Peking Duk also make appearances in the cult induction video.

Watch the video in full below.

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