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Who Is Kirpa From The Bachelor? 7 Things to Know About the New Front Runner

Kirpa Sudick finally got a one-on-one date on The Bachelor this week, to many fans’ delight. She’s been a smiling face on the show, but she hasn’t gotten a ton of air time before now, compared with the other contestants. (Kirpa didn’t even get to explain on screen how she got that chin injury!) Outside the Bachelor mansion, though, Kirpa seems like a total delight.

Fans will remember from Kirpa’s intro on the show that she’s a dental hygienist. She also calls California her home, and she’s a huge Grey’s Anatomy fan. Kirpa also noted in her Bachelor profile that the best date she’s been on was at Disneyland, and she finds Denver “the most romantic city in the U.S.”

Kirpa seems like someone who’s fun but down to earth, and it’s great to see her spending more time with Colton. Just because she’s not involved in the drama with the other ladies doesn’t mean she’s not serious about finding love on the show. And Kirpa’s apparent plan to lie low seems to be working out pretty well for her so far.