With ‘Wind River,’ Oscar nominee Taylor Sheridan captures a chill of the soul

For the last two years, movie audiences have been treated to scripts by former actor Taylor Sheridan. These are character-rich pieces that quietly subvert their genres’ predecessors (David Mackenzie’s Oscar-nominated western “Hell or High Water”) or upend them entirely (Denis Villeneuve’s drug-trade thriller “Sicario”).

Turns out, Sheridan has been saving his boldest work for himself.

“I always knew I wanted to direct this screenplay,” Sheridan, 46, said by phone recently from his home in Wyoming. “So, I just didn’t show it to anybody. I hid it in a drawer for three years and just waited.”

The film in question is “Wind River,” a snow-bound thriller that will evoke “A Simple Plan” and a host of Coen Bros. works while retaining a style that’s distinctly Sheridan-esque. The waiting? Well, that was done so he could build enough of a track record for financiers to feel comfortable with him directing too.

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