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Yes, Colton Picked Cassie on The Bachelor, and Yes, Fans Are Losing It on Twitter

To the surprise of absolutely no one, Colton Underwood’s season finale of The Bachelor ended with the former NFL player reuniting with Cassie Randolph, the woman who dumped him just one episode prior.

Tuesday night’s episode picked up where we left off during part one of the finale, with Colton arriving at Cassie’s hotel room door despite jumping over a fence following their heartbreaking date mere days earlier. Even though the 23-year-old had decided to self-eliminate after realizing that she didn’t have the same deep feelings that Colton did for her, she soon had a change of heart when Colton confessed that he’d ended things with Tayshia and Hannah G.

Luckily for Colton, his grand gesture was worth it, and the pair sealed the deal by spending the night together after a romantic dinner that involved talking about their future together, sans engagement. (Did he lose his virginity? Well, Colton said “a gentleman never kisses and tells,” but they both seemed pretty damn happy about it the morning after.)

Colton and Cassie appeared on the “After the Final Rose” special hand in hand afterward, telling host Chris Harrison that they’re still not engaged, but they’re happy where they’re at right now. “We still have a lot of conversations to have and room to grow,” Colton said. “We’re having fun dating right now.”

While some fans are over the moon for Cassie and Colton, a few others still aren’t convinced that the bond the couple shares is one that will last. Check out how Bachelor Nation is reacting to Colton’s big decision, ahead!