Zeinab Harake Reveals She Almost Delete Her YouTube Channel

Zeinab Harake Almost Delete Her YouTube Channel Due to This Reason

Vlogger and social media influencer Zeinab Harake revealed that she almost delete her YouTube channel due to a serious reason.

In her recent vlog, ‘TNX 2022!’, Zeinab highlighted the events that occurred in her life in 2022. on January 4th. One of them is that she was on the verge of deleting her YouTube channel.

Zeinab Harake Delete YouTube

Looking back on the events of the previous year 2022, the YouTuber revealed that what she went through last year was like a roller coaster of difficulties due to the left and right concerns that were dealt with, one of which was being a single mother.

Zeinab launched her YouTube account in 2019 and has since documented her life events through video blogging. According to her account, she had reached the point where she wanted to remove it since it was so toxic.

“Meron akong moment na gusto kong i-delete ‘yung channel ko. Talaga! Sabi ko, ayaw ko ng media. Sobrang toxic na nito. Hindi ko na alam paano i-explain nang paulit-ulit ‘yung sarili ko,” the influencer revealed.

She stated that she continued to generate content because of her admirers, dubbed “Zebbies,” who had supported her since 2019 and will continue to do so until 2022. She stated that despite the difficulties she has faced, they have always been there for her.

“Sa mga Zebbies ko, simula noong 2019 hanggang sa nagstay kayo noong 2022, maraming-maraming salamat. Hindi niyo alam kung paano ko kayo tinignan nung mga times na gusto kong sumuko,” she said.

She stated that she receives messages on social media such as “getting rid of worry” about the influence of her content creation. That is why the influencer expressed his gratitude to his fans and subscribers.

“Kung hindi dahil sa inyo, this 2023 wala na kayong videos na mapanood, kung hindi niyo ako pinukpok at ipa-realize sa’kin na ganiyan ka tignan ng mga tao, ok lang nandito kami para sa’yo,” she said.

Zeinab demonstrated self-esteem, particularly in her family, in her final vlogs in 2022. She stated that she will continue to create meaningful content this year, and that people will learn something from it.

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